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Real-time Live Tracking Portable Personal GPS tracker


  • Long Standby Vehicle GPS Tracker 10000mAh
  • magnetic strong magnet
  • Real-time tracking
  • Historical route
  • Geo-fence
  • Voice monitoring
  • Demolition alarm
  • Vibration alarm
  • Displacement alarm
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Real-time Live Tracking and Portable Personal  GPS tracker 10000mAh Big Battery Long Standby Car Person GPS track

  • This S15 Real-time Live Tracking and Personal GPS tracker built-in GSM quad-band antenna, a 10000mah high-power battery pack (rechargeable, real-time positioning (rechargeable), permanent strong magnetic adsorption, with photosensitive disassemble alarm function.
  • The S15 has functions such as fence alarms, remote monitoring, and vibration alarm. It is suitable for container tracking, industrial vehicles, freight logistics person tracking, and so on.
  1. 2G/4G Wireless Portable GPS Tracker: S15 is a 2G global universal ultra-long standby wireless location tracking device, supporting GPS/BDS/LBS triple positioning technology.
  2. Whistle-Hidden GPS Device and Easy Installation: With strong magnetic adsorption and a 10000mAh battery, the S15 Personal GPS tracker can be hidden easily without complicated installation and achieving ultra-long standby time.
  3. Remote Live Audio Monitoring and Recording: This 2G/4G GPS tracker for assets monitoring is designed with a microphone that supports remote live audio monitoring and recording, and remote OTA as well.
  4. Smart Alarms and Notifications/Multiple Working Modes: This tracker allows you to set alarms for a variety of situations, such as vibration, low battery, speeding, or entering/exiting a predetermined zone. Notifications will be sent to you by e-mail or to your smartphone.
  5. IP65 Waterproof: With our device, you don’t have to be concerned about rainy days. The GPS Tracking device can be mounted quickly and securely using a strong magnet.
  • GEO fence alarm: Set fence alarms with SMS commands to provide a safety net for your vehicle or other assets.
  • Over-speed alarm: When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the over-speed value set by the platform, the over-speed alarm is triggered, and the device will send an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.
  • Vibration alarm: After the Personal Portable GPS tracker device enters the armed mode, the device detects the vehicle vibration, triggers the vibration alarm, and sends an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.
  • Remote listening: Send the SMS code to the mobile phone number bound to the device, and the device can be pulled back to enable remote listening.
  1. Work mode 1: real-time mode

X=0: real-time tracking mode: the device is always online, the default 30s+50 meters relative mileage returns a piece of data, there is inflection point supplementary data and blind zone supplementary data, and the track is complete. Drive 2 hours a day, return transmission interval 30S, theoretical standby 15 days.

  1. Work mode 2: Deep power saving mode

X=1: Deep power saving mode (10 means the set time interval (range: 10-720 minutes): Deep power saving mode: wake up according to the set return time interval. The return interval ranges from 10 to 720 minutes. During this period, the vibration cannot be awakened, and the light sensor can wake up. The theory is one and a half to two years.

  1. Work mode 3: Intelligent power-saving mode

When the device enters the static state, it will go offline. After the vibration wakes up, it will go online (that is, online when driving, offline when not driving, saving power than real-time tracking mode). The default 30s + 50 meters relative mileage returns a piece of data, there is an inflection point to pass data and a blind area to pass data, and the track is complete.  Drive 2 hours a day, return transmission interval 30S, theoretical standby 15 days.

Bullet Points:

  • This is a wireless magnetic Real-time Live Tracking Personal Portable GPS tracker , Strong magnet Wireless 1 Year Long Standby vehicle GPS tracker, mini Self-installation vehicle anti-theft device
  • Once the device is removed, Anti demolition button will bounce, and will immediately send alarm messages to the App
  • Strong magnetic adsorption, Can be directly adsorption metal surfaces, such as the Bottom of the car, car seat, etc.
  • GPS + LBS, satellite positioning, all-round no dead Angle, on-call 24 hours a day
  • 10000mah big battery Long time standby
  • Hidden installation, GPS Positioning accuracy
Product Code SW-GTS15
Type: Real-Time GPS Tracking
Positioning Accuracy:  10meters, 2D RMS
Input voltage: DC 9V~36V/1.5A
Back-up Battery: 10000mAh/3.7V
GPS Sensitivity: -158dB
Velocity Accuracy: 0.1m/s
GSM Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP
Working Voltage: 3.90V DC
Working current: ≈35mA (12vDC)
Working current: ≈4mA (24vDC)
GPS Precision: 10m(2D RM)
Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Working humidity: 20%~80%RH
Microphone: Default
Velocity: 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max
Channels: 20-channel all-in-view tracking
Application: Real-time tracking/Voice monitoring
Product Dimension: L86*W62*H30MM
Net Weight:  255 g
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