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Portable Real Time Tracking Magnetic Personal GPS Tracker


  • Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Hz
  • Sleeping Currant: Around 5.6mA
  • GPS Working Current: 43mA
  • Standby Time: 106 Hours (for reference only)
  • GPRS: class12,TCP/IP
  • GPRS Position Time: Cold condition ~40s, Warm Condition~1s
  • Battery: 6000mAh lithium polymer battery.
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Portable Real-Time Tracking Magnetic Personal GPS Tracker

  • Our wireless Magnetic Personal GPS Tracker for cars is small, light, and powerful, and it comes with a water-resistant magnetic shell that can be attached to any piece of equipment without the need for cabling or power.
  • Except for mini-vehicle GPS trackers, we have hardwired tracking devices (support 2G, 3G, and 4G), and OBD trackers, providing you the freedom to select the features that best suit your company’s needs.
  • When you buy a small GPS car tracking device from Spy World GPS Tracking System, you will also get a user-friendly tracking platform (WhatsGPS), a smartphone app for iOS and Android, and responsive customer support from our pleasant and professional staff.
  • With the free Spy World Magnetic Personal GPS Tracker System mobile app for iPhone and Android, your alerts go with you: get real-time location updates on your phone, tablet, or computer. In addition, you can customize alerts to know where your GPS tracker is at all times. 
  • Fast, Accuracy, Stable
  1. This GPS Tracking System offers the best way for you to have real-time information about the location and use of their vehicles and equipment assets. You save money on fuel, cell phone bills, and other operational costs, increase productivity and prevent the loss or theft of vehicles and equipment.
  2. You access tracking information using the platform. You get to see real-time location info displayed on a map, and vehicle usage (such as Historical track, frequent stop address, and lots more). You receive live alerts for specified events such as a driver leaving a defined area.
  • Easily Track What Matters Most
    Our GPS tracking system can meet the basic needs of users, such as vehicle monitoring, automatic alarms, and so on. In addition, Spy World GPS Tracking System can also be displayed on different devices.
  • Portable GPS Tracker For Cars With Long Battery Life
    Spy World GPS Tracking System portable car GPS trackers are best for trucks, vans, bikes, motorcycles, and other fleet management. Our devices support GPS/BDS/LBS locating modes and high-precision positioning.
  • Most User-Focused Features
    Commonly used feature display, you can understand the specific steps by watching the video we provide.
  • Create/Set Geofence​
    You can set the fence boundary in a customs zone and automatically send an alarm when an object enters or leaves the marked fence.
  • View All Devices in Main Dashboard
    You can monitor all your devices on our platform with ease. Our GPS tracking system can monitor and track the position of vehicles and other objects in real-time, enter the system, click on the ‘Monitor’ button, and you can track the geographical location of the object and protect the safety of the vehicle.
  • Set SOS Number
    When you press the SOS button on the GPS tracker, the device will call the phone number you set on the tracking system. The authorities or the user’s chosen people are notified of the device’s current location. This feature has been shown to be beneficial in emergency scenarios.
  • Expired Device Checking
    Our software provides you with a very easy way to check the status and the expiration date of your account! Once you log in to our Spy World GPS Tracking System, simply click on the “Overview” panel at the top left corner, and you can see the number of expired or expired soon devices.
  • Modify User Expiration in Bulk
    You can set the expiry date of the devices directly on the GPS tracking system. There are also batch operations for handling multiple devices, which is convenient and allows you to manage your customers’ subscriptions easily.
  • Set Email Alarm
    Spy World GPS Tracking System GPS tracking devices will send alerts to the email address linked with your Spy World GPS Tracking System account by default. If you constantly check your emails (which many of us do, thanks to smartphones), this might be the best option.

System Applicable Object

  • Vehicle Fleet
    For the enterprise industry with a large number of vehicles, our GPS tracking system can provide unified supervision of these vehicles, save fuel and other operating costs for the fleet, and improve employee productivity, including automotive leasing, logistics, and other industries.
  • Service Providers
    Better monitor and manage vehicle-related information, keep abreast of the state of the car, better serve others, and protect their own interests. It can be applied to passenger transportation, auto finance, and other industries.
  • Personal
    Realizing the interaction between people and vehicles, help users to grasp the location of their vehicles anytime and anywhere, in order to prevent theft and other situations, to protect their property security.

Model: SM-S22 Portable Tracker
Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900Hz
Sleeping Currant: Around 5.6mA
GPS Working Current: 43mA
Standby Time: 106 Hours (for reference only)
GPRS: class12,TCP/IP
GPRS Position Time: Cold condition ~40s, Warm Condition~1s
Battery: 6000mAh lithium polymer battery
Voltage: 5V/1A
Dimension: 7.9x5x3cm
Weight: 150g

magnetic personal gps tracker

Weight 0.8 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


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