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Global Smart Mini Anti-theft GPS Tracker for Car and Two Wheeler

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Real-time Tracking: updates position every 10 seconds with continues tracking.
Fast Positioning:  provide a timely positioning service after installing it.
Trace Playback: check the history trace of your vehicle to help you find useful information.
Mileage Report:  it can help you to know how far you drive.
Over-speed Alarm: when your speed is over what you set, it will send alarm to remind you keep safe.

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Latest Global Smart Mini Anti-theft GPS Tracker for Car and Two Wheeler with a real-time tracking device

EV02 Mini Anti-theft GPS Tracker for Car and Two Wheeler works based on existing GSM/GPRS/ network and GPS satellites, it can remotely track and locate vehicles by SMS or software. this Global Smart Mini Anti-theft GPS Tracker is very important for Cars and Two Wheeler these days to prevent your vehicle from theft. Your vehicles will get all-around protection from this small device at little cost.

  • Real-time tracking 24/7 by IOS & Android and web Access Multiple Report > Daily Activity Travel details, Trip details, stoppage details, Idle report. Alerts > Ignition ON/OFF, Over speed, Power Cut OFF, Geofence entry / Geofence exit. History – 2 months of data storage history
  • Create an Unlimited Geo fence and receive all notifications every time you can keep your eye on your vehicle or on your loved one. They will never be far from your sight.
  • Anti-theft Alarm: Instance Alarm in Case of theft. Such cases as Engine turn on/off, Avoid Geo-Fencing, and Zone Alerts. In all cases, you will be notified and you can switch on/off the engine with one swipe from your Mobile app.
  • Our device comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. We always believe in quality. But if any issue comes we will replace your device free of cost. Only burnt & damaged products will not come under warranty. We are giving this facility all over India.


Device Name Small Anti-theft GPS Tracker for Vehicle
Model EV02
Features Engine shut-off
Device Dimension 72mm(L)*30mm(W)*12mm(H)
Device Weight 28g
Package Weight 160g
Quad Band 850/1900/900/1800MHz
GPS Accuracy 5-10m
Voltage Input 9-90v
Back-up Battery 55mAh
Hot Start<2S(Open Sky)
Positioning Time Warm Start<15S
Cold Start<38S(Open Sky)
GPS Sensitivity -144dBm
Tracking Sensitivity -160dBm
Operating Temperature -20℃—70℃
GSM/GPS Antenna Built-in Design
Video Description

1 year warranty

Guarantee with no doubt

Free shipping

On orders over INR 2000

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 10 cm

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