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Advanced Hand Held Security Metal Detector


1. Light weighted, big surface area on the detecting sensor enables a quick detecting process
2. Alarms for various metals
3. Rigid for tough service, no damage through free dropping at one-meter altitude
4. Accepting either normal battery or rechargeable battery
5. Two kinds of alarm ways: audio-visual alarm and vibration alarm
6. Outstanding Performance/Price Ratio

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ESH-10: Advanced Hand Held Security Metal Detector for Enhanced Threat Detection


Product Description:

The ESH-10 Hand Held Security Metal Detector is a powerful and reliable handheld device designed for security professionals and law enforcement personnel. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, this metal detector provides efficient and accurate screening for detecting metal objects.

Key Features:

High Sensitivity: The ESH-10 features high sensitivity, allowing it to detect even small metal objects concealed on a person or in their belongings. It can accurately identify various types of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Adjustable Sensitivity Levels: This metal detector offers adjustable sensitivity levels, enabling users to customize the device based on specific security requirements. It can be set to different sensitivity modes to optimize detection based on the environment and the desired level of screening.

Audio and Vibration Alerts: The ESH-10 provides both audio and vibration alerts when metal objects are detected. The audio alert emits a clear audible tone, while the vibration alert ensures discreet operation in situations where silence is necessary.

LED Indicator: Equipped with a bright LED indicator, the ESH-10 visually notifies the user when metal is detected. The LED light provides a clear and visible signal, aiding in the quick identification of potential threats.

Ergonomic Design: The handheld metal detector features an ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable handling during prolonged use. Its lightweight and compact construction makes it easy to carry and maneuver, minimizing user fatigue.

Battery Operated: The ESH-10 is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing long-lasting operation. The device includes a battery indicator to display the remaining power level, enabling users to plan for recharging accordingly.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand rigorous usage in various environments, the ESH-10 is constructed with durable materials. It is designed to resist impact, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding security settings.

Easy Operation: The ESH-10 is designed for easy operation, making it suitable for both novice and experienced users. It features a simple control interface with intuitive buttons, allowing for quick setup and adjustments.

Versatile Applications: This handheld metal detector has versatile applications, including security screenings at airports, public events, stadiums, schools, and other high-security locations. It can also be used for law enforcement purposes, such as detecting concealed weapons.

Accessories Included: The ESH-10 comes with a set of accessories, including a wrist strap for added security during operation and a protective carrying case for convenient storage and transportation.

The ESH-10 Hand Held Security Metal Detector combines reliability, sensitivity, and user-friendly features to ensure effective metal detection for enhanced security measures. Whether for security professionals or law enforcement agencies, this handheld device is a valuable tool in maintaining public safety.

Technical Parameter:

Solid yellow LED: AL – target detected

Flashing green LED: Pw – power on
Flashing red LED: BT – low battery indicator

Alarm signal
Sound mode: Buzzer with red LED

Vibration mode: Vibrator with red LED

3-way switch

Forward position: S – sound on
Center position: O – power off
Back position: V – vibration on


Model: ESH-10 (Hand Held Security Metal Detector)
Detection Method: Electromagnetic Induction
Operating Frequency: 25 kHz
Detection Sensitivity: Adjustable (Multiple levels)
Detection Range: Up to 10 inches (25 cm) for a medium-sized object
Target Types: Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals
Alarm Indication: Audio Alert, Vibration Alert, LED Indicator
Battery Type: Single 9-volt alkaline
Battery Life: Up to 28 hours of continuous operation (depending on usage)
Charging Time: Approximately 4 hours
Control Interface: Push-button controls
Operating Temperature: -15 to +45 degrees centigrade
Construction Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 37.5 cm x 7.7 cm x 2.6 cm
Weight: 250 grams
Accessories Included: Wrist Strap, Protective Carrying Case

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 42.5 × 806 × 4.5 cm


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