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Mini DVR Tissue Box Spy Camera Audio Video Recorder Security Cam


  • Tissue Box Mini DVR Spy Camera Audio Video Recorder
  • One-touch recording
  • One-touch camera
  • Recording and charging simultaneously
  • Loop recording
  • Motion Detection
  • Car Driving Recorder, Sports DV, Law enforcement instrument
  • Support TF card, max memory card is 64GB
  • Synchronize System Time
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Latest Mini DVR Tissue Box Spy Camera Audio Video Recorder Battery Backup up to 3 Hours

Getting a Mini DVR Tissue Box Spy Camera for the safety of your loved ones, property, and other precious belongings can make the difference between losing important ones and others. When we talk about home and business, both have several more common things than you can think of. They both keep something that they value. For instance, business owners want to prevent their confidential data, plans, and products from snoopy eyes.

This can cause them to invest in cyber security as well as other physical measures. Similarly, homeowners, care for their kids, parents, and other household belongings. Even though you cannot be with your loved ones or at your office all the time, you can make the most out of the spy mini camera.

Irrespective of the size, the Mini DVR Tissue Box Spy Camera is designed to provide you with a considerable increase amount of security. Keep on reading this post to learn more about the benefits of using a spy camera before you connect with a Spy Camera India Store:

  1. Helps you avert calamities from happening

Spy cameras often use for household safety. However, they are the best way to prevent catastrophes from happening around the place. It is because of the live feed that you can get with this Tissue Box Mini DVR Spy Camera. This live feed can help you keep a track of what is going on around you.

It is one of the finest ways to keep snoopy eyes away from your property and precious belongings. Additionally, you can prevent your loved ones from getting affected by the malevolent. Simply put, spy cameras allow you to take immediate action before anything bad or unfortunate happens within or around your vicinity.

  1. Prevent repeated tragedies

Before you buy the hidden camera in a Tissue box from us, you should check out this essential point. If you are a business owner, then nothing is more devastating than to have something damaged or stolen without your consent. If you do not know how to stop it, then you should install a wireless mini hidden camera in the place to keep an eye on everything. This can also happen in your house. Since you cannot blindly trust an anonymous, it is important for you to install a camera and reduce the chances of repeated tragedies.

  1. Bring the truth out of any situation

It is almost impossible for you to find out what happened if you are clueless about things. We all know that every situation comes with multiple sides. Even though you know that ‘that’ person is a culprit, you cannot directly blame someone without having solid proof. This is the point where spy cameras come in quite in handy. You can buy a spy camera from our leading Spy Camera Store or Website and place it to see what is happening behind your back.

Finally, you can become one of the exclusive few to own this awesome spy gadget! Recording at a 30 FPS frame rate and high definition 1920 x 1080 resolution, the Mini DV Tissue Box Spy Camera clearly and covertly captures every movement you want.

You Can Use external memory from 4GB to 64GB, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage in the middle of recording. Just press one button and it will continuously record for up to 3 hours! If you are worried about your partner lying to you, this spy camera can help you by videotaping the evidence you need to protect yourself.


Product Type Tissue Box Shape Mini DV Camera HD
Mega Pixel: About 8MP
High-Definition Support: 1080p (Full-HD)
Video Resolution 1920*1080P
Video Format AVI
USB Connector USB 2.0 High Speed
Wide angle: 120°
Imaging Sensor: CMOS
Frame Number 30 frames
Video Code MJPG
Image Ratio 4:3:0
Audio Recording Format MP3 (512Kbps)
TF Card 4GB – 64GB (Max support 64GB) Not Included
Built-in Memory Size: Without Memory
8GB TF Card Recording Time About 60 minutes
Battery Capacity 3.7V/1100MA   lithium battery
Battery Backup  About 3 Hours in Video and 72 Hours in Audio
Working Temperature About -5 to 40 ℃
Compatible System Windows 2000&above


NOTE: The displayed images are for your reference only, the actual product or color may vary with the same specifications and features.

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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